In keeping with our foundation’s mission of “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”, we are pleased to announce the launch of our male mentorship program, the R.E.E.L. (Realization of Education and Empowerment for Life) Project. This not only provides an addition to the programs and services we provide, but also allows for enrichment opportunities to enhance the academic, professional, and personal development of young men in grades 6th through 10th. The meeting site for 2015 - 2016 is Taste of Paradise,4805 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lilburn, GA30047. This program is FREE!! Interested?  Register TODAY!


Mentorship Program Overview

  • Who is the R.E.E.L. Project designed for?  The program is designed for students in grades 6-10 (middle and high school young men) who are in need of academic, professional, and personal support through the vehicles of hands-on modules and workshops, practical applications, tutoring, and mentoring.


  • What does the program entail?  Through hands-on modules and applications related to Conflict Resolution, Academics Excellence, Business and Entrepreneurship, Current Events, and Public Speaking, students are able to understand, practice, and apply these critical field areas within their classes, and communities.  Completion of a group-designed service project, social outing, and end-of-semester debate competition provides students with expanded opportunities to utilize their skill sets in real-world environments.  In addition of the provision of tutoring for their academic classes, combined with a committed staff of male-mentors to provide students with the supplemental resources needed for their holistic development as young men, students are provided meals at no charge.


  • When does the program take place?  The program starts in September and runs until the first weekend of December.  During the fall semester, the program is scheduled to meet two Saturdays per month.  In the spring semester, students, given the stronger foundational skills, are able to transition into the Alpha Leadership Program for Higher Achievement (A.L.P.H.A.), which takes place on most Saturdays (January through March). 


  • Where does the program take place?  The program takes place at a local Gwinnett County Public School.  The service project and social outing are scheduled to take place at off-site locations and are announced during the program orientation.


  • Why do a male-mentorship program?  For a number of young people, specifically males, we find that they aredisproportionately represented in regards to student-discipline (i.e. student detention, administrative detention, referral, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, Rule-12 [code of conduct], and student panel), along with issues related to academic achievement and individual support.  Our program is designed to address these and other inter-related issues; our goals are to yield improved, tangible, and positive results and impact related to student readiness, academic achievement, peer/faculty interaction, and  self-esteem.  When they transition to the Alpha Leadership Program for Higher Achievement, our young men can and will receive the aforementioned services and supports for their academic, professional, and personal well-being, thus realizing our larger goal of developing our future leaders today.


  • How can students, parents, and volunteers get involved?  Students (young men in grades 6-10) or parents can click here to register.  Volunteers (to serve as panelists, tutors, and mentors) are able to register by clicking on the " Get Involved" button above and completing the on-line registration form.


With your encouragement, support, and participation, the R.E.E.L. Project can serve as a means in which our young men are equipped, enlightened, enabled, and empowered.  More importantly, investing in them now allows us to develop tomorrow’s leaders today.