Reading promotes enhancing your vocabulary; it also improves one’s writing, public speaking, and critical and creative thinking skills which are important to the academic, professional, and personal development of students and adults.


What starts as a way to do a community project for a board member’s birthday is growing into a larger initiative to promote the importance and relevance of literacy for not only students (grades K-12), but adults.  Ranging from donations of material of core subject areas along with other areas of interest including (but not limited to) health and wellness, the arts, problem-solving, STEM, and other key areas.


We are pleased to support our project for the following locations and purposes:


  • New Horizon Recovery Center Ministry of Teen Challenge (located in Loganville, GA).  Our efforts for this site are focused on establishing an in-house library with topics aligning with the needs of the residents served in this facility.

  • Malloy-Jordan East Winston Heritage Center (located in Winston-Salem, NC).  Our efforts for this site are focused on providing supplemental resources for the library’s existing reading programs, as well as helping identify needs to develop additional programs and services.

  • Holy Angels Chicago (located in Chicago, IL in the Bronzeville Community).  Our efforts for this site are focused to provide core and related materials for the church’s school (which serves students in grades K-12) as well as re-establish an in-house library at the actual church.


For all of the sites, periodic read-ins featuring local authors and volunteers are scheduled to help model and practice the reading and related processes.  Doing so allows us to better empower students and parents, especially as it relates to topics and content which we are aware that are in need of improved engagement.  Through partnerships with local businesses, including bookstores, authors, other concerned individuals, and different community and professional organizations, we are able to make progress in our efforts.


A few of the partners for all of our locations include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Afri-Ware Books, Gifts, & Cultural Events (based in Maywood, IL)

  • Creative Community Solutions, LLC (based in Snellville, GA)

  • Celebrity Host (and Author) Tyressa Ty (based in Baton Rouge, LA)

  • Tiffany Flowers (based in Greenville, SC)

  • Darius Gourdine (based in Summerville, GA)

  • Dr. Latangela Crossfield (based in Atlanta, GA)

  • The Howard University Alumni Club (based in Atlanta, GA)

  • Tate Consulting (Winston-Salem, NC)


In-kind donations of identified materials for students and adults are welcome at any of our sites.  Any financial donation made be made to The LEAD Foundation, Inc. (note #TheLiteracyProject) or in the form of a gift-card for a bookstore (i.e. Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, or other store) and earmarked for the site of their choice so the site can purchase the items it needs.


For additional details about the project, please feel free to contact Andrew Snorton (at asnorton@theleadfoundation.org) or refer to the article written for the launch of the Winston-Salem, NC site (click HERE to read the article).


Press Releases & News

Atlanta, GA Project

Chicago, IL Project

Winston-Salem, NC Project




Tutoring services are included with the REEL male mentoring program.  However, one-on-one tutoring can be arranged for all core subjects.


Our board members are always seeking new partnerships to strengthen our programs.  We are available for speaking engagements that align with our program areas of service.


If your organization needs assistance with setting up a similar program in your area, let the LEAD Foundation assist you.  We can assist with program development, evaluations and training.


Planning a major event?  Our board members can assist you by sharing resources and best practices to ensure your event is a success!